The following is a list of all park facilities in the City of Canton, Ohio. The City is home to over 800 acres of beautiful park lands and recreation facilities. Our parks are a source of pride for our community, so we ask that you please treat these public facilities with the respect and care they deserve.

Unless otherwise noted, all parks open at dawn and close at dusk (excluding pre-approved special events). If you have a question about a particular park or site/facility, please contact the Canton Parks Department. Park Restroom Facilities are open seasonally from mid April to November.

View a list of our park amenities here

albert reiter

Albert Reiter Park



bernard park

Bernard Park


Bors Field – 2665 Harrisburg Rd N.E., 44705

brian roshong

Brian C Roshong Memorial Park

brians park

Brians Park

bup rearick

Bup Rearick Park

cook park

Cook Park


Covered Bridge Park


Crenshaw Park

don correll

Don Correll Park


Fairhope Nature Preserve


Harmont Park


John Barker Springhouse


Herbruck Park


Jackson Park


King Park


Lawrence Park


Mallonn Park


Martindale Park


Monument Park


Nimisilla Park


Oak Park


Robert E. Schreiber Park


Stadium Park


Westbrook Park


Willig Park


Weis Park


#1 740 Marion Ave SW (8th & Marion SW) 44707
#3 1401 Warner Rd SE 44707
#5 1030 Lawn Ave SW (11th & Lawn SW), 44706
#8 605 Boylan Ave SE (7th & Boylan SE), 44707
#9 200 Economy Ct NE (2nd & Economy Ct NE), 44704
#11 613 Rowland Ave NE (6th & Rowland), 44707
#19 453 Cornelia Ave NE (4th & Cornelia NE), 44704
#25 1460 Allen Ave SE (Allen & Leonard PL SE), 44707
#32 252 Lawn Ave SW (6th & Lawn SW),
10th Street Mini Park 1613 Tenth Street NE



Arboretum Park 3220 38th St. N.W., 44708
Bors Field 2665 Harrisburg Rd. N.E., 44705
Brian’s Park 1500 Rowland Ave. N.E. (15th St. & Rowland Ave. N.E.), 44707
Colonial Colonial Blvd N.E., between 2632 Market Ave. N. & St. Elmo, 44714
Cook Park 1836 Mahoning Rd. N.E., 44705
Covered Bridge Park 4500 Guilford Ave. N.W., 44718
Crenshaw Park 1500 Sherrick Rd. S.E. 44707
Don Correll Park 2200 Roberts Ave. N.W. 44709
Freeway Park 2247 Kimball Rd. S.E. 44707
Garaux Park (Raff Road Shelter) 3801 13th St. S.W. 44710
Green Acres Park 126 Whipple Ave. N.W. 44708
Grovemiller Park (3 sections) 4500 Tioga Ave. N.W. 44708
4600 Tioga Ave. N.W. 44708
4601 Tioga Ave. N.W. 44708
Harmont Park 2701 Harmont Ave. N.E. 44705
Herbruck Park 1900 Royal Ave. N.E. 44705
Herbruck Park Annex 2500 Royal Ave. N.E. 44705
Ink Park 2523-3753 Park Dr. N.W. 44718
Jackson Park 1450 Cherry Ave. S.E. 44707
King Park 600 High Ave. N.W. (6th St. & High Ave. N.W.) 44703
Lee Park 1615 Fourth St. S.E. 44707
Maple Playground 2227 Maple Ave. N.E. (23rd St. & Maple Ave. N.E.) 44705
Martindale Park 4001 Martindale Rd. N.E. 44714
Maryland Park 1401 Maryland Ave. S.W. 44706
Maryland Ave. S.W. 701-1265 Maryland Ave. S.W. 44706
McKinley Park 501 McKinley Ave. S.W. (5th St. & McKinley Ave. S.W.) 44703
Meyer’s Park 201 Park Ave. S.W. (6th St. & Park Ave. S.W.) 44706
Monument Park 700 – 1150 Park Rd NW 44709
Nimisilla Park 1075 Mahoning Rd NE 44705
Northview Park 647 46th Street NW 44709
Oak Park 3600 St. Elmo Ave NE 44714
Park Connector Strip 1651 Allen Ave. S.E. (17th St. & Allen Ave. S.E.) 44707
Richard Am Mallonn Memorial Park 527, Raff Rd. NW 44708
Reifsnyder Park Spangler Street to Martindale Rd NE
Schreiber Park Maple Avenue NE
Stadium Park 12th – 25th Street NW
Waterworks Park Between Tuscarawas Street W and 7th Street NW
Weis Park 25th Street NW – Entrances off of Harvard Ave NW (between 25th & 30th Streets) and from 25th Street beside the branch library.
West Park south of Tuscarawas Street W
West Park Skateboard Park 9th and Schroyer Ave. SW
Westbrook Veterans’ Memorial Park 13th Street NW (immediate SW of Mercy Medical Center)
Willig Park 30th Street East of Harrisburg Rd NE