Whether you are walking across the Community Crossing Pedestrian Bridge at Stadium Park, relaxing at a bench observing park goers while watching your child play on a playground at Canton Parks and Recreation; Ernie Sharp played a role in bringing these vital items to our parks.
A graduate of East Canton in 1975, Ernie spent his early years working in the oil fields. It was his friend who was a bailiff for the City of Canton who notified Ernie of an open position as a maintenance worker for the Canton Parks. Ernie began working for the Canton Parks in November of 1997. Some of the various tasks Ernie performed in his position includes electrical work, plumbing, woodworking, masonry, cleaning and trimming.
Some of Ernie’s proudest contributions in Canton Parks include: the laying of the brick at the Japanese Garden waterfall at the Canton Garden Center at Stadium Park, preparing the ground and administering the laydown of the prefabricated restrooms at Bup Rearick and Martindale Park; remodeling the kitchenettes at Crenshaw, Arboretum and Stadium Park pavilions.
Working at Canton Parks and Recreation was more than just a job for him. It was his enjoyment.

“I love my job. I enjoy creating spaces that people in the community will get to enjoy.” – Ernie Sharp

Ernie admitted he never remembers spending time at any parks until he started working for a park department. Now, Ernie has become a visitor of parks in the community.
Ernie also was a team player and recognized “I couldn’t do all this by myself. We (maintenance workers) all perform different tasks and complement each other.” After nearly 20 years of employment, Ernie will be enjoying retirement and spending time at the parks. Let’s congratulate and thank Ernie for 20 years of service!

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  1. Theresa Gang says:

    Ernie it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with you. Your wealth of knowledge, talent and expertise will be missed. The City was lucky to have you with them. I hope you enjoy every day of retirement. It is well deserved


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